Getting Help Moving to a Storage Unit

Storage Facility for moving

Have you been taking the time to go through all of the things you have around that house and realize you might need a storage unit? Or maybe you are looking for a portable storage company.

There are a lot of reasons that might get someone to think that renting a storage unit is the right option. It isn’t just one life event that can spark the need, there are several common situations where renting a storage unit can be beneficial:

  1. Moving: This is the most common situation for needing storage. Whether you’re moving to a new apartment or into a different home, there can be a gap between your move-out and move-in dates. For new homeowners, you might want to do some work on a house before moving in completely. By renting a storage unit, you can get a temporary location for storing your belongings.
  2. Downsizing: For families or individuals who are  moving to a smaller home or from a house into an apartment, there might not be space for everything.  When you need extra space for items that won’t fit, you can rent a storage unit to keep sentimental or seasonal belongings.
  3. Renovations: Having big renovation projects done on areas of the house like the kitchen, living room or bedrooms means you need to clear out those areas. During major home renovations or remodeling projects, a storage unit can protect your belongings from potential damage in a construction area.  It also keeps those precious items safe while you home might not be as secure.
  4. Seasonal Items: Do you LOVE the holidays?  If you want to go all out during Halloween or Christmas, it means that when you take the decorations down, they take up a lot of space.  A storage unit is perfect to store seasonal items like holiday decorations.  It can also be great for summer/winter sports equipment. 
  5. Decluttering: Why look at those skis in the closet all summer when you can put them in a storage unit? Free up space in your home by storing items that you don’t frequently use but don’t want to part with, such as collectibles, heirlooms, or extra furniture.
  6. College Moves: For college students, it can be a pain to haul all of your dorm or apartment trappings back and forth every summer. Students might also be studying abroad and not have a dorm or apartment they need to clear out for a semester.  Why haul all that gear back and forth, a storage unit can keep your belongings safe until you return.
  7. Business Storage: Many businesses are not using office space in the same way and have turned to smaller office spaces. That means you might have desks, and other office equipment that won’t go into a smaller office. Store inventory, supplies, or equipment. It can also be a place to store files, records, or archives to open up room in a home-base business.
  8. Military Relocation: Military families are often transferred among several bases. That doesn’t always leave a lot of time to sort and move all of your belongings. If you’re quickly transferred or temporarily relocated, a storage unit can keep your belongings secure until you return.
  9. Estate Management: What do you do when someone in your family has passed, and you need to empty their residence.  It is sometimes hard to make decisions about what to keep, what to sell and what to toss. When handling the belongings of a deceased loved one, a storage unit can provide a safe space to keep items while you sort through their estate.

Before renting a storage unit, assess your needs, budget, and the specific circumstances that apply to your situation. Take into account the size of the unit, its location, security features, and the terms of the rental agreement. Make sure to choose a reputable storage facility that meets your requirements.

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